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Aurelia Grozajova IFBB professional bodybuilder

Interview 2011

First phase
I started my preparation for competitions in 2011 as usually. Few days after my last fall competition I started to train again. Of course at the beginning approximately for two months I trained only with lower weights and did more reps in series in order to I protect my joins against injuries and to provide enough rest to the whole body. I focused mainly on strict technique and thorough whole body work out.
Second phase
In this phase my goal is to build strength and muscles, so the technique is not as important as in the first phase. I trained with the heaviest weights possible and I tried to do at least three reps in last three or four series of every exercise. This kind of training works best for me, therefore I have not changed it for many years. The most important exercises increasing strength of the whole body are basic exercises such as squats, dead lift, bench press, and back pull up. I prefer training with free weights to training with support of the machines which I consider to be only supplementary.

As far as nutrition and supplements I made only slight changes. Products I use long term are well proven with me so I do not need to look for anything else in the wide range of products on the market. Most of my supplements come from the Scitec Nutrition Company. These include creatine, glutamine and whey protein. The basis of my nutrition was and always will be the nutrition in natural form. Best for me are veal meat, wheat, fruits, vegetables and also white yoghurt, low fat cheese. During my diet I leave out yoghurt and low fat cheese. I start my diet depending on my actual body weight, as I know my body is able to lose no more than one kg in a week. Once I reach necessary weight I can allow interrupting my diet. I choose one day of the week and I visit good restaurant to start up my metabolism with unhealthy fried meal with tartar sauce.

The competition FIBO PRO in Essen was added to list of bodybuilding competitions later than usually therefore I originally did not plan to compete as early as April. My goal was to take part in the new competition in Toronto in June and competition in Tampa week later. Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championship in Tampa has good reputation and tradition. I have already competed there three times.

After I had found out there finally was a professional competition for female bodybuilders in Europe I immediately decided to go there. I only had to start training with heavier weight sooner than was originally planned. I see my chance of placing in Europe similar to that in the USA. The trend in female bodybuilding prefers extreme muscles which is the same both in Europe and USA. This is what I cannot change but it will not discourage me from competing. Thanks to bodybuilding I cooperate with the best photographers in Slovakia, Czech Republic and also in USA. Sports magazines do not like publishing female bodybuilders but I found my own way how to present myself. I have booked photo shooting in Prague with Sara Saudek and Miloslav Zmrzly. I am going to cooperate with photographers in Tampa and Toronto before competitions in USA.
Finally my future plans
Training, training, training, in spite of the fact that woman bodybuilding is going to be abolished next year and replaced by physique division. For me is important only bodybuilding and I do not need to change the name of my sport. I always will be a bodybuilder. Bodybuilding has its own history and tradition. I do not believe creating a new category in this sport helps and solves problems of the bodybuilding (mistakes are somewhere else).
Greetings to all fans of faithful bodybuilders


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