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Aurelia Grozajova IFBB professional bodybuilder

Interview 2002

Bodybuilding Center - Non-censored interview with Aurélia Grožajová Slovak representative in sport bodybuilding in the category over 57 kilograms.

Let's start from the beginning. When did you start with the bodybuilding? How did you start exercising with barbells and what was your first experience with bodybuilding?
I started exercising seriously on March 21, 1993. Since this time I have been writing my training diary. I got my first dumbbells when my husband wanted to throw away his 9 kg dumbbells. From the beginning, I was eager to lift heavy weights and of course I could not, but I kept my enthusiasm for exercising.
The majority of talented bodybuilders make significant progress in building their musculature in first two-three years. How was it in your case?
I noticed a significant progress in the first years too, but I did not have idea what my volume of my fat and muscles was, because my nutrition was far from being perfect and I believed that the more I ate the better.
Many bodybuilding beginners copy their training from magazines. Did you have someone to give you advice or did you also copy training from bodybuilding magazines?
My husband has been helping me with the theoretical background from the beginning up to now. We found the first information in newspapers, selected what was interesting and after some consideration, I started exercising under his supervision.
The magazines are full of training programs of the champions. However one cannot find the substantial thing - how the champions trained at the beginning, when they achieved the massive muscle increase. Could you describe the volume training, which helped you to gain the major part of your musculature for the Bodybuilding Center?
My approach to volume training is based on making basic exercises with heavy weights max. 6 repeats, quality nutrition, supplements and good sleep.
On the internet everyone can find more and more pages dedicated to training with high intensity - HIT. What do you think about this training philosophy? Do you have any experience with the Heavy Duty training of Mike Mentzer?
No, it has never looked interesting to me so I have never tried this type of training.
Several years ago, the high-load training was preferred. What is your training philosophy? What is your experience with high-load training?
I have never felt over trained. I think I still have some gaps in my training. I always try to exercise with heavy weights in the shortest possible time. Lower weights made me loose muscles and I did not like to train this way.
No one doubts the importance of the nutrition. What share on your success has the nutrition according to your opinion?
In the beginning, I thought it was unimportant, but after some time, I made progress in this area and immediately my muscles grew.
Could you describe your typical menu in the volume period?
Lots of proteins from many sources, carbohydrates (rice, oat flakes) and unlimited quantity of fruits and vegetables + vitamins and nutrition supplements. My web page describes my approach to nutrition during volume training in detail.
Most bodybuilders train for their pleasure and many of them do not like the current volume of muscles which are seen at the competitions. What is your attitude to current competitive bodybuilding? Which competitions did you take part in?
I am a fan of maximum volume but there are limits of genetic information. I took part in several championships and competitions in Slovakia and in Europe, the most important being the European Championship, where I ranked the third in 2001.
Competition of bodybuilding is often linked with the largest problem of this sport – abusing drugs. This is a sensitive area and I will understand if you do not answer this question. But I still want to ask - what is your experience with abusing drugs and what is your opinion about using illegal supplements in bodybuilding?
I have no experience with abusing drugs and I don't want to have any. It is a personal thing whether you like to win with this kind of support. I did not choose this way and I do not believe that a woman taking usually man hormones could speak to men with their weapons.
In relation to use of steroids and other prohibited substances, the question of use of legal supplements arises. What is your experience with creatine, DHEA, HMB, tribulus terestris and other substances normally available in specialized shops? Is there a supplement that you would recommend as a "guaranteed" one?
Of the mentioned ones, I know creatine and HMB and I do not take any other. I recommend especially creatine, which I feel works. I took HMB in the past but I did not see notable effect even in longer run, I stopped using it as a nutrition supplement. But I have to remind that everyone can have different experience with supplements.
Let us talk about presence. How do you train in the volume period now and what is the difference between your current training compared to when you began?
The difference is in the intensity of training and in the weights. I stopped doing those exercises that did not to bring the required effect and I only do verified exercises. The Best are basic exercises with heavy weights.
Most bodybuilders worry about how to gain more muscles and the problems of losing fat before competition or for other reasons are also interesting. Do you have a special strategy for losing redundant fat?
I do not have problems with diet because my body got used to diet. Each diet is different if the is frequently under such pressure. The most important is the fat free nutrition and with minimum amount of carbohydrates. HCA, herb tea and black coffee help me to lose fat.
An important question related to diet. How can you combine reduction of fat with keeping muscles?
According to my experience, only by training with heavy weights, I only reduce the number of repeats if it is not possible to train as intensive.
Training frequency. Normally people use various modifications of splits. What is your optimum time for regeneration of muscles after training?
During volume training, I have 3 days off in a week, in the pre-competition training and during diet I had only one or two days off in a week. I always train in two phases - at noon and in the evening.
For many people, bodybuilding is their lifestyle. Since you have done this sport for several years, it is beyond all doubt that you are a strong fan of it. What is your relation to bodybuilding?
It is, above all a lifestyle. I want to do bodybuilding for many years, not only for a few seasons.
The Internet brought the possibility of studying various opinions on training and nutrition. There are a number of sites that inform about bodybuilding. What do you think about this phenomenon of Internet in relation to bodybuilding?
My husband also gets new information from the Internet. I believe that Internet will support the development of this sport.
The previous question brought us to the problems of finding information on bodybuilding. How do you use various information sources? Have you cooperated with specialists that would lead your training or have you relied on yourself and your own knowledge?
Training and preparation, I fully rely on my husband and our knowledge. I listen to and read all opinions but I make decision myself.
We active bodybuilders all seek something that would guarantee muscular growth. We want muscles, we want strength and we need to find a way to reach this goal. The question is - what is your way to build muscles and strength? What is the most important according to you?
The most important is discipline and good conditions for training and nutrition.
This is the last question of this interview and I would like to dedicate this one to the readers of Bodybuilding Center. If there is something that you would like to tell our readers, you can do that now.
If you like this sport, do not let yourself get discouraged by your neighborhood. The road to success and muscle volumes is hard, without speculating and accelerating the natural processes. The results will show up for everyone.
Thank you for the interview.
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