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Aurelia Grozajova IFBB professional bodybuilder

Interview 2001

Favorite food for weight reduction?
Rice, fillet prepared on water, egg whites
Favorite food after competition?
Fried cheese, tartar sauce
Favorite aerobic activity?
Favorite nutrition supplements?
Whey protein from SCITEC NUTRITION from UNIVERSAL USA s.r.o.
If you could only do one exercise, which one would you choose?
Bench press
Strongest muscles?
Back and Triceps
Muscles that you like exercising?
Chest and triceps
How many calories do you take daily?
Around 4000 calories off-season
Favorite celebrity?
Alice Cooper
If you won ten million Slovak crowns, what would you buy?
Animal shelter
What would you change in sport if you could?
I would prefer sportspeople without positive doping tests
What do you like doing in your spare time?
I watch TV
Who is your favorite woman bodybuilder?
Sandy Riddell
What is your sport goal?
Going to Olympia


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